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How do I check if a diesel generator set's oil consumption is too high?

Diesel generator fuel during normal operation of the unit will produce a normal consumption value, but the perception for some users always feel that their diesel generator oil consumption is often on the high side, so this article will provide you with how to check high oil consumption.  

1.Check if there is oil leakage outside the diesel genset, usually in most cases this is because the user does not check the oil leakage thoroughly enough and mistakenly believes that the oil flow is too high. The most common oil leak location check is to check the oil pan and oil drain bolts, rocker cap, oil filter seating, turbocharger and front (rear) crankshaft oil seal. The inspection should focus mainly on the oil seal to see if there are crimped edges, cracks or other phenomena causing oil leakage. If the amount of oil leakage is small and not easily detected visually, a fluorescent tracer compound can be used to help identify the source of the leak.

2. using the correct type of engine oil while adhering to oil change intervals and using high-quality and proper engine oil in addition to engine oil filter change intervals are key factors in maintaining engine performance and durability. Extending engine oil and filter change intervals beyond recommended values shortens engine life and results in abnormal oil consumption due to factors such as corrosion, residue, and wear.

In addition to identifying and diagnosing the causes of high engine oil consumption, a very important part of the process is to confirm the actual and true oil consumption value. This is necessary to obtain an accurate fuel ratio and two engine checks must be performed during the cycle.

First time: put the machine on level ground, start the engine until the water temperature reaches 60℃, stop the engine and drain all engine oil, replace the oil filter and fill up the engine oil to the upper scale line, seal the oil filler hole and oil drain bolt, clear all short-term engine oil consumption data from the ECM.

Second time: Check the recalculated fuel consumption and measure the engine oil flow rate to get an accurate engine oil to fuel ratio.

Due to many years of experience, maintenance of the air intake system, use of the correct engine oil, as well as filter elements have a great influence on engine oil consumption. In order to have a more ideal engine oil to fuel ratio, the user must pay attention to the right choice of high-quality engine oil and regular maintenance of diesel generator sets.