Diesel Generator /FENOVA/50Hz/60Hz/5kVA to 650kVA

Fenova series:

The soundproof Generating set range offers a very large application target with powers ranging from 5-650kVA at 50 and 60Hz.


· Canopy can easily be lifted to beoome an open unit

· Noise Level 60—80 dBA@7m

· One canopy can be for multi genset models

· Powerful Engine

· Stable Performance

· Compact Structure

· Waterproof and Dustproof

· Ambient temperature: -5℃- 50℃

· Powerful Engine, Large Output Power

· Excellent Cooling System

· Automatic Air-Bleeding

· Easy Operation

The new and sturdy design whether it is canopies or containerized enclosure are wih maximum noise reduction wtich make it suitable for all construction sites and homeback power supply, both moble and stationary.

At all time we have kept in our inventory a large range of accessories to answer any immediate need, for sales or after sales services.Our standard ComAp control panel with its stand alone cabinet is equipped with a large display screen, emergency button,ignition barrel and circuit breaker.Like every of our finished products, all the parts of the unit are subject to a stringant operating test involving over 30 checksprior to delivery.