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Notice of incorporating a joint venture company with Shanghai Cooltech Power Company Limited

Fujian Tide Power Company Limited Notice of incorporating a joint venture company with Shanghai Cool…

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Tide Power High Voltage Generator



Providing several advantages over low voltage systems, your Tide Power High Voltage Generators offers:


- Lower installation and maintenance costs
- Greatly reduced transmission losses
- More efficient on-site distribution



With increasing demand for high loading capacity in standby power, there is need for greater capacity for engine power that requires a number of high rating synchronized units to satisfy the required loading need. Besides, nowadays, the distance between the engine room and the loading point is getter further which makes conventional low voltage type of power generation by using sets of parallel units become a burden in the operation and the transmission. It is therefore by using high voltage units are the prime consideration and option in order to have more reliable and safe operation.




Due to the high voltage output, and with smaller current output, the energy transmission loss is cut to the minimum which is best suited for distant transmission. It is the reason why high voltage standby power units are widely recognized and used in Metallurgical Enterprise, airports and data centers.


The high voltage diesel generator sets can be with the following voltage: 6kV、6.3kV、6.6kV、10kV、10.5kV、11kV、13.8kV. The average capacity for single unit is usually above 1000Kw and can be synchronized in a number of units as well.



Tide Power, for high voltage engines, usually employs MTU, Perkins, Mitsubishi or Cummins coupled with Leroy Somer alternator, and together with high quality component and parts like Comap control panel, ABB vacuum circuit breaker for the safeguard of a reliable power generation system.