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Notice of incorporating a joint venture company with Shanghai Cooltech Power Company Limited

Fujian Tide Power Company Limited Notice of incorporating a joint venture company with Shanghai Cool…

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Project Site: South of America


- 2 units synchronized 800kw gas Santum Gas Engine with Siemens medium alternator voltage 3.3kv with Altronics ignition system and Woodward control.



- Synco-gensets & parallel with mains power,connected with 6.6kv transformer and outpower for a industrial plant.



▲All mechanical installation materials for gensets & all systems.
▲All electrical installation from alternator to switch gear from switch gear to step up transformer and connecting to high voltage network and the connection of control.
▲Earthing installation and connection to existing diesel gensets.
▲The materials for air duct from the radiator to opening window at the wall with anti vibration connection.



▲Installation diesel gensets on block.
▲Installation and supporting exhausting manifold at site.
▲Installation pipe work fuel from main storage tank to daily consumption fuel tank and to deisel gensets and return pipe.
▲The foundation for gensets and transfoermers shall be sufficiently rigid and stable to prevent distortion which could affect the alignment of the engine or gensets.
▲The concret block shall be with dimensions enough to get stability and prevent distortion for engine running and proportional to requirement subsoil.
▲All necessary surveying works, preparation of site, removal of underground obstacles, removal of debris and surplus material.
▲ventilation systems for engine container and air condoning for control panel container with air conditioning for control panel room.