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Synchronization Unit




    Industry characteristics:

    Manual / automatic mode for two sets or multi-sets synchronization: This forms an electrical power supply network that enables stable power supply.

    Centralized control system: Can command the distribution of the load automatically and provide ease in retrieving data for the maintenance and repair work.

    Economical: The number of running units can be adjusted according to the necessity of actual loading need, which can reduce the operational cost.

    Flexibility : Additional sets can be added at any time according to the need of the load required.

Product Requirements
1.Manual / Automatic multi-set synchronization, centralized controlling system, easy operation.
2.Automatic distribution of actual loading, adjusting the ratio of loading imbalance.
3.Automatic adjusting of actual loading required according to the change of actual power needed.
4.Auto frequency checking and auto adjusting.
5.Distributing of active and reactive load.
6.Capable of soft loading and uninstalled loading
7.Capable of stopping protection and checking the engine when in reverse power and over loading.
8.Protection of short circuit and over current.

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