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CHP Genset

    The CHP system comes usually with the gas engine in which client requires not only the power source but also would like to make use of the excess heat to generate steam, hot water or cooling system depends on the need. Tide Power with years of experience in installing gas engines with the CHP system is well aware of the cost efficiency of such mechanism in providing clients with their options especially we do understand the effect of making the full use of the energy generated.
What is CHP
Combined heat and power (CHP) – also known as cogeneration – is a way to increase the efficiency of power plants. Standard power plants effectively use just 40 percent of the fuel they burn to produce electricity. Sixty percent of the fuel used in the electric production process ends up being rejected or "wasted" up the smokestack, as shown here:




 How does CHP unit work

 Natural gas CHP
“Distributed energy” means the generation of electricity energy and thermal energy is close to end user, which effectively avoids loss of energy transmission and distribution.
Thermal energy produced can be used for building heating, portable water heating, domestic hot water and industrial heating, etc.
Excessive electric energy can be paralleled to the mains grid and get according expense.

Trigeneration of cold, thermal and electricity energy

Besides power supply, the CHP units when combined with heat source absorption refrigeration equipment, can realized the trigeneration of cold, thermal and electricity energy to meet the need of domestic water heating, steam heating and chilling.


Distributed power generation plant
Distributed power generation plant is composed of multiple small energy station; power generated by the distributed power generation plant can be used as the standby power of mains.


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