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Tide Power 4kVA-2500kVA compact brushless Alternator is manufactured and designed for typical generator applications, such as back up, standard production, cogeneration, rental, telecommunications etc. All our alternators are manufactured and marketed with ISO9001 & CE standard.

Standard and Optional Accessories

Alternator (Tide TPA Series)



Insulation class H Interchangeable S.A.E flanges and drive discs
Excitation system Self-excitated(S.E) & PMG Convenient filters on air inlets and outlets
Power factor 0.8 & 1.0 Protection for windings in harsh environments
Terminals 12 & 6 Different types of AVR
Dirp proof IP23 Protection Different windings (PMG or auxiliary)
Altitude ≤1000m Exterior potentiometer
Over speed 2250 min-1 Space heater
Vltage regulation ≤±1% Stator thermal protection
Waveform: NEMA=TIF ≤50 Droop current transformers (C.T.)
WAVEFORM: C.E.I=FHT ≤2 Synchronising