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Load Bank



The electric load bank is a simulation load test equipment used for genset, UPS, battery banks etc electric power system. Today, electric load bank has been widely used as test equipment for genset manufacturers, genset service provider, electric power user or corollary equipment of electric power system.

Essential information needed to design a Load Bank are:
• Nominal voltage
• Power rating
• Number and type of steps

• Type of ventilation (natural or forced)


Main function

• Base on the performance parameter testing demands; pull relevant power setting switch,  combine and enactment discharge power discretionarily.
• The bank adopts electronic circuit control, have the protection function of automatic interdiction if the temperature is overly high, and also the function of automatic stop of the fan.  Air- outlet temperature≤100
• Digital meter display line to line voltage(A phase to B phase) ,current measured value(A phase).

Basic Parameter

• Resistive load,the power factor is 1 .Adopts hand tailor alloy resistance
• Applied temperature range: 0 to 50 ℃
• Voltage :AC 400V three-phase four-lines
• Frequency:50Hz/60Hz
• Cooling mode:air
• Working: load Subdivision control(single-pole double throw switch used contactor control method ).Total separate to 11-files load1,2,2.5,10,20,50,100,100,200KW,can satisfy any group power combination from 1KW to 500KW max 510KW.
• Load bank case contains control panel itself.