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Sychronization Unit



Tide Power Diesel Gensets can be synchronized for parallel running. It allows a maximum of 16 units of diesel gensets running in synchronization condition. Sychronization units combine with ATS is capable of start up gensets automatically and adjust the number of running gensets depending on the loading, when main power recovers gensets will shut off automatically. This system also allows gensets to parallel with main power grid and is capable to control and supply sustainable powers, furthermore this system can be custom made to work for different application.
Sychronization unit is getting popular in power generation for conditioned loading, particularly in manufacturing and telecommunication sector.
System Advantages
1.WASS system contains Deep Sea Controller, Electronic Governor, AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator), Electronic Breaker, PLC System (Optional) and so on.
2.High Reliability: Advanced Control Technology, Perfect Protect Device, Safety Performance.
3.Great Practicality: One genset with one control panel. The genset is not only for single power supply utilized, but also for synchronizing system
4.Easy Operation: Automatic Control, Control System in Chinese or English optional, Internal Fault Detected
5.More Economical: To Avoid small load with big genset, achieve controlling by difference loading, the system will control the gensets automatically according to loading.
6.More Economical on primary investment: install the right genset for current loading, if request more loadsing, just add corresponding genset.