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Lighting Tower


Special Features


Vertical Beam

Stronger vertical beam for the enclosure, a lot reliable for transportation or even in station state


Control panel

Special designed control panel cater for lighting tower


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Technical Data

Model FL1004M
Length×Width×Height (mm) 2250*1400*2200
Mast heigth  (mm) 8600
Weight (kg) 900-1100
Frequency (Hz) / Speed (RPM) 50Hz/1500RPM / 60Hz/1800RPM
Fuel tank capacity(L) 110L
Elapsed time (H) 50-55Hours
Engine brand Perkins) Kubota Kohler
Engine model 403A-11G1 403D-11G D1105-E2BG D1105-E3BG KDW1003
Emission level NA Stage3 Tier3 NA NA Stage3 Tier4 Tier2/4F
Number of cylinders 3
Engine characters  Vertical in-line、Water cooled \four stroke
Combustion  type Indirect injection
Induction system  Naturally aspirated
Alternator brand MECC ALTE
Alternator model LT3N-160/4
Alternator characters Brushless & Single phase & Special winding
Rating voltage (V) / Frequency AC230V/50Hz AC240V/60Hz
Insulation class H
Temperature rise class H
Light pole
Type of  Lights Metal Halide Floodlight
Number & Power of Lights 1KW*4
Mast Lifting & Extension Manual
Mast Rotation 359°Manual Operation
Light pole lifting operation Manual Operation
Supporting legs at base Manual Operation
Outer shell
Rain cover Standard rain cover
Aux. output socket 10A
Traction sub Australian standard ball joint
Reflection mirror standard configuration
Tire Rim Size 14"
Support legs 4
Control panel
Control GU601A
Mode of operation Manual Operation
Panel lights standard configuration
Forklift hole Standard forklift hole
Traction sub Various standard traction sub
External power supply interface Single phase 32A*1
Battery charger 3A/AC220-260V
High quality drip proof protection panel IP65
Special controller COMAP InteliDrive Nano
Double wall fuel tank 90L

Standard and Optional

  Standard ● Optional ○
Generator set parameters ● AC230V/50Hz
● Perkins 403A-11G
● Mecc alte alternator
● 20 hours of large capacity tank
● Mechanical fuel level gauge
● Standard fuel filling cap
● Fuel hose
○ AC240V/60Hz
○ Kubota engine
○ Stamford alternator
○ Leroy-somer alternator
Trailer chassis system ● High-strength waterproof housing
● Standard seven core connector
● Australian standard ball joint
● Single axle trailer chassis
● High-strength support legs
○ Hydraulic brake system
○ (Outdoor) ground rod components
○ Other standard connectors
Control system ● High protective control box
● Harsen  GU601A  controller
● IP56 10A/AC230V ,
● Australian standard output socket
○ IP56 control box
○ Dedicated controller from Comap Nano for lighting car
○ Optional selection of European standard, American standard, German standard  socket
○ External power supply interface (32 A) components
○ Mains charger(3A)
Lifting lever ● Top 9 m height of lighting, can rotate 360 degrees
● Manual lifting, lodging system
● High-strength steel rod body
Lighting system ● 4*1000W  Domestic metal halide lamp
● IP65 connector
● Custom spiral cable
○ High quality imported lamps and lanterns
○ Imported connector



Tide Easycon



TIDE Easycon Control Systems

TIDE Power comprehensive Easycon range control panels are compact, versatile and easy to use.


Easycon 2.0L/H (GU601A / Deepsea DSE3110) panel is a key-start auto control panel, it’s a basic control panel fits for  generators up to 100kVA to provide basic operating parameters display and protection.  


- Over Speed pre-alarm & shutdown
- Low Oil Pressure Pre-Alarm & shutdown
- High Water Temp. Pre-alarm & shutdown
- Volts, Current, Frequency, Rpm (Instruments)
- Fuel Sensor as optional
- AMF Module as optional

- Auto Start
- Oil Pressure
- Genset Running Hours
- Battery Voltage and Charging                            



Easycon 5.0H (Deepsea DSE8610) panel fits for Gen-Gen automatic Synchronising and load sharing.

Easycon 6.0H (Deepsea DSE8620) panel fits for Single Gen - Mains automatic Synchronising.


Deepsea DSE7560 Synchronising Controller for Multi gen – Mains Synchronising. This is a separate control unit which enables multiple Easycon 5.0 equipped Gens to be synchronised with the Mains supply.

  (For details specifications of Control Panels,please consult our sale department.)






Sound–attenuated and Weather-protective Enclosures:  Sound-attenuated and weather protective enclosures for generating sets from Tide Power, meet every sound level requirements and provide optimum protection from inclement weather and are developed and designed by our special acoustic engineers. Our modular designed and sound insulated canopies provide ease of access for servicing and general maintenance and interchangeable components permitting on-site repair. Enclosures are designed to optimize genset cooling performance, providing you with confidence for genset ratings and ambient capability.

Standard Specifications

- Compact footprint, low profile design. 
- Enclosure, generator set, exhaust system and fuel tank are pre-ssembled, pre-integrated and shipped as one package 
- Body made from steel components treated with polyester powder coating 
- Fire retardant foam insulation 
- Easy access to all service points 
- Exhaust system inside canopy 
- Large doors on each side 
- Control panel viewing window in a access door 
- Emergency stop push button mounted on enclosure exterior 
- Cooling fan and battery charging alternator fully guarded 
- Fuel fill and battery can only be reached via access doors. 
- Lifting points on the base frame 
- Customer options available to meet your applications needs.