New Energy Investment



New energy with eco-friendly features is continuously the major global concern and that the recognition of employing green energy for power source has become an imminent need. Power generation using natural gas, Biogas, LPG or LNG is the primary fuel that contributes to better emission level that is required for the greater good to the environmental issue.

Tide Power System Co., Ltd. has in recent years investing at large scale for power units that are of eco-friendly nature in which natural gas and biogas are the major power fuel source. Foreseeing the further increasing demand for new energy worldwide we would like to invite interested parties to jointly invest for this rapidly developing and highly demanded area no matter it is of power plant or IPP (individual power plant) in providing efficient and economical energy with green nature for environmental protection.

The mechanism of investment can be in various and different approaches that can best fit the investment purpose. They can take the form of either of the following:

1.BOO – Build Operate Own
2.BOT – Build Operate Transfer
3.EPC – Engineering Procurement Contract
4.EMC – Energy Management Contract

Tide Power welcomes ideas for any other form of investment opportunities apart from the above and open for discussion for any plausible, mutual beneficial and possible ways in the manner that can comply and satisfy local and domestic situation and requirements.

New Energy Investment not only create investment return but also expand the horizon of providing green energy for the protection of our environment which is definitely needed for all countries. Your participation and ideas in pursuing efficient green energy will truly give meaningful perspective to the world as a whole.