Standard Enclosure


Special Features



Vertical Beam
Stronger vertical beam for the enclosure, a lot reliable for transportation or even in station state




Newly Designed Base Fuel Tank
Much larger in capacity and newly designed base fuel tank not only reliable but making the dirt kept on the base.


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Standard and Optional Accessories

 Item  Standard ●   Optional
Air Intake System  ● Standard air filter
 ● Air filter overload alarm
 ○ Air prefilter
 ○ Heavy air filter
Cooling System  ● 50℃ radiator
 ● Low water level alarm ①
 ● Fan and belt guard
 ● Discharge valve 
 ○ Anti freeze
 ○ Water jacket heater
Exhaust System  ● Stainless steel bellow
 ● Residential silencer
 ● Complete exhaust pipe
 ● Rain cap
 ○ Stainless steel silencer
 ○ Stainless steel exhaust pipe
Fuel System  ● 8 Hours integrated base fuel tank
 ● Standard fuel filter
 ● Fuel level gauge
 ● Fuel filling cap
 ● Fuel hose 
 ○ 6 Hours double wall base fuel tank
 ○ Fuel-water separator
 ○ Oil level sensor ② ③
 ○ Automatic fuel top up system ②
Lubrication System  ● Standard oil filter
 ● Manual oil pump and drain

 ○ Oil heater
 ○ Lube oil level indicator
 ○ Oil temperature indicator ②

and Electric Switch
 ● Shunt or self excited
 ● Class H insulation
 ● H class temperature rise
 ● Terminal connection lugs (L1, L2, L3,LN)
 ○ PMG or AREP(Leroy-somer only)
 ○ Alternator space heaters
 ○ Pt100 winding temperature sensors
 ○ Weaver AVR
 ○ Weaver prolapse transformer
 ○ F class temperature rise
 ○ 4 Pole circuit breaker with leakage protection
 ○ Circuit breaker - 4 pole
 ○ MCCB auxiliary contact and shunt tr ipping device
Control System ● Intelligent 1.0 for 4 cylinders engine
● Intelligent 3.0 for 6 cylinders engine 
 ○ Intelligent 5.0
 ○ Panel lighting
Silent / Base  ● 67-72 db(A) @ 3 meters
 ● 4mm -6mm Steel base
 ● Transportation support leg
 ● Single hook
 ● Powder coating enclosure
 ● Anti-vibration mounting between engine /alternator and baseframe
 ● Emergency stop button mounted outside the canopy
 ○ Forklift holes
 ○ Enclosure color④
 ○ Trailer for off road or on road
Start / Charge  ● Battery with bracket and cables
 ● Engine battery charger
 ● 3A Mains charger
 ○ Low temperature starting batteries
 ○ Battery switch
 ○ High current charger(10A,20A)

Intelligent Control System


Selection Guide

    Intelligent 1.0 Intelligent 3.0 Intelligent 5.0
Viewable parameters Phase voltage 3 3 3
Wire voltage 3 3 3
Current   Instrument 3 3
Active power ×
Reactive power ×
Apparent power ×
Power factor ×
Electric energy metering × ×
generator protection Abnormal voltage
Over-current warning ×
Over current protection ×
Over Frequency protection
Short circuit protection MCCB MCCB+○ MCCB+○
Oil pressure
Water temperature
 Fuel level
Battery voltage
Elapsed time
 Engine protection Low oil pressure warning
Low oil pressure protection
High temperature warning
High temperature protection
Overspeed warning
Overspeed protection
Charge fault
Function Remote start-stop
Programmable input 3 7 7
Programmable output 6 7 7
Port extension USB
Remote monitoring ×
Communication port ×
Start/Stop time control × ×
Maintenance tips × ×
Fault record × ×
Multi-language function ×




Standard Specifications

- Compact footprint, low profile design. 
- Enclosure, generator set, exhaust system and fuel tank are pre-ssembled, pre-integrated and shipped as one package 
- Body made from steel components treated with polyester powder coating 
- Fire retardant foam insulation 
- Easy access to all service points 
- Exhaust system inside canopy 
- Large doors on each side 
- Control panel viewing window in a access door 
- Emergency stop push button mounted on enclosure exterior 
- Cooling fan and battery charging alternator fully guarded 
- Fuel fill and battery can only be reached via access doors. 
- Lifting points on the base frame 
- Customer options available to meet your applications needs. 


Sound–attenuated and Weather-protective Enclosures:  Sound-attenuated and weather protective enclosures for generating sets from Tide Power, meet every sound level requirements and provide optimum protection from inclement weather and are developed and designed by our special acoustic engineers. Our modular designed and sound insulated canopies provide ease of access for servicing and general maintenance and interchangeable components permitting on-site repair. Enclosures are designed to optimize genset cooling performance, providing you with confidence for genset ratings and ambient capability.