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Notice of incorporating a joint venture company with Shanghai Cooltech Power Company Limited

Fujian Tide Power Company Limited Notice of incorporating a joint venture company with Shanghai Cool…

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Spare Parts

Alternator Parts

    Main Alternator Parts List:

    - AVR
    - Sensors
    - Rectifiers
    - Connectors
    - Fuse
    - Drop kits



    LEROY-SOMER,MECCALTE,ABB,STAMFORD ,TIDE POWER Alternator and etc ,Which can be supplied separately, When customer need purchase Alternator.


    Genuine AVR

    The Automatic voltage regulator (AVR) is a compact, high performance encapsulated unit. The AVR incorporates latest technology and efficient semiconductor to achieve a high degree of miniaturization when applied to 3Ø and 1Ø AC brushless generator within its input and output limits, the unit offers excellent reliability.


    Electrical Components

    Sensors, rectifiers, connectors, fuse, drop kits etc. At Tide Power, we select all the electrical parts for the production of the diesel generators very strictly. Almost every part should pass our test and examination; actually we are selecting the first level and cost effective parts for you before offering the generators. Choosing Tide Power, you will save much time and cost for service works, plus with our powerful system we will help you get the right parts very quickly.


    Quality Assurance

    Wherever your generator sets are, our service agents across the world provide you with the most prompt, professional technical consultancy and services. Apart from correct operation in accordance with operating instructions, operators also need to conduct regular inspection, adjustment and cleaning of all parts for smooth running and maintaining the long service life of the machine.